About The Special 3 in 1 Batch For UK-PCS/RO/LOWER PCS


We at Prayag IAS Academy prepare the candidate for the Civil Service Exam(UPSC).The institute offers a wide spectrum of IAS and other educational and career guidance programmes. the curriculum is constantly updated keeping in pace with the current environment. 

What will we do in this batch:

  • We familiarize you with the exam format and content: We focus on what will be covered in the exam, so that you can prepare properly.

  • We develop a structured study plan: We create a study plan that covers all the required material and allows for ample review and practice.

  • We provide access to study materials: We provide all the necessary study materials to our candidates which will help them

  • We provide guidance on exam taking strategies: We help our candidates understand how to take the exam and provide tips on how to manage their time effectively.

  • We encourage regular review and practice: We Candidates are encouraged to review the material regularly and practice answering sample questions to improve their test-taking skills.

  • We provide support and encouragement: We provide support and encouragement during the preparation process to help candidates stay motivated and focused.

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About The Special 3 in 1 Batch For UK-PCS/RO/LOWER PCS


On our 23rd Anniversary Prayag provide a Batch that name is 3 in 1 for preparation of the UK-PCS/RO/Lower PCS Prelims examination in a single batch. This could involve group study sessions or individual tutoring to help candidates review the necessary material and practice for the exam. It would be helpful to have a clear understanding of the specific requirements and format of the exam, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates, in order to design an effective preparation plan. It might also be useful to use study materials, such as practice questions and review guides, to supplement the preparation process.

It is important to ensure that candidates have a clear understanding of the exam format and content, and are provided with adequate review materials and practice opportunities. It may also be helpful to offer guidance on test-taking strategies and techniques to help candidates perform to the best of their ability on the exam. Other factors to consider when offering preparation for the exam might include the experience and qualifications of the instructors, the availability of study materials and resources, and the overall structure and format of the preparation program.


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