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The primary organisation for hiring individuals for various posts in the State Government Departments of Uttrakhand is the Uttrakhand Public Service Commission, or UKPSC for short.

UKPSC: Prelims Examination Syllabus

The preliminary or prelims test, which is held offline, is the first stage of the Uttarakhand Public Service Commission’s (UKPSC) application process. There are two exams in the UKPSC preliminary test, each worth 150 points and lasting two hours.

Given below are some quick facts about the exam.

  • The questions are of objective type.

  • General science and general aptitude are two of the themes covered in the questions.

  • The questions have a low level of difficulty and are simple to score.

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General Studies

The general studies paper is the first section of the UKPSC exam. It contains inquiries about politics, general science, biodiversity, and current events. The majority of inquiries concern India, Uttarakhand, as well as some basic knowledge regarding the globe.

General Aptitude

The general aptitude section of the UKPSC exam is the second paper. It asks questions of language comprehension, communication abilities, logic, analytical thinking, and mental ability. They assess the applicant’s general personality, linguistic comprehension, critical thinking abilities, and mental ability.

General StudiesCurrent events of national and international importance

History of India and Indian National Movement

Indian and World Geography – Physical, Social, Economic Geography of India and the World

Indian Polity and Governance – Constitution, Political System, Panchayati Raj, Public Policy, Rights Issues, etc

Economic and Social Development – Sustainable Development, Poverty, Inclusion, Demographics, Social Sector initiatives, etc

General issues on Environmental Ecology, Bio-diversity and Climate Change

General Science
General AptitudeComprehension

Interpersonal skills including communication skills

Logical reasoning and analytical ability

Decision-making and problem solving

General mental ability

UKPSC Mains Exam 2022 Syllabus

The main test, which is held offline, is the second step of the Uttarakhand Public Service Commission’s (UKPSC) recruitment process. There are seven papers in the UKPSC main test, each lasting three hours.

QuestionsSubject Max_MarksTime
Paper-I Language3003 hours
Paper-II History of India, National Movement, Social & Culture2003 hours
Paper-III Indian Polity, Social Justice & International Relations2003 hours
Paper-IVGeography of India & World2003 hours
Paper-V Economic & Social Development2003 hours
Paper-VIGeneral Science & Technology2003 hours
Paper-VIIGeneral Aptitude and Ethics2003 hours


Questions on the language section of the UKPSC main exam test a candidate’s command of the language as well as their comprehension, application of key concepts from passages, capacity to translate, vocabulary, writing style, and usage of language components. To ace this paper, the applicant needs to have a solid command of the language. The total number of marks for the language paper is 300.

General EnglishComprehension
Translation from Hindi into English /English into HindiCommon Errors in English
Essay Writing(Part A & Part B) Part A: 500 words essay; Part B: 700 words essay

History of India, National Movement, Society & Culture

Questions about the history of India and the state of Uttarakhand predominate in the second paper of the UKPSC main exam. The prehistoric period or era, ancient civilizations, historical invasions, ancestral culture, the founding of multiple empires, the pre-independence period, and the post-independence period are among the topics covered in the questions. There are 200 marks on the entire paper.


History of India, National Movement, Society & Culture
Pre-historic Period, Proto-historic Period, Copper Age, Vedic Civilization, Mahajanapadas & the Rise of Magadhan Empire, Persian Invasion, Alexander the Great & his Legacy, Mauryan Empire, Post Mauryan Period, Gupta Dynasty, Advent of Islam in India, Arab Invasion in Sindh, Turk Invasion of India, Establishment of Sultanate, Khalji Dynasty, Tughlaq Dynasty, Socio-religious Movements, Southern India, Establishment of Mughal Empire, Rise of Maratha Power Advent & Expansion of European Powers in India, Colonization, Society & Economy During 18th Century, Indian States & the British, Structure of Government & Economic Policies of British Empire in India(1757-1857), Socio-religious Reform Movements in the 19th Century Opposition to British Rule, Indian National Movement, First World War & National Movement, National Movement(1927-1947), Nationalist Polities(1935,39), National Movement During Second World War, India After Independence, Foreign Policy, History & Culture of Uttarakhand, British Rule in Uttarakhand, Popular Movements of Uttarakhand,

Indian Polity, Social Justice & International Relations

The majority of the questions on Indian politics, law, government, and international relations are found in the third paper of the UKPSC maincalibreation. A 200-mark exam consists of all the questions. The applicant must possess in-depth knowledge of Indian politics, laws, legal issues, justice, administration, foreign relations, and relevant current events.


Indian Polity, Social Justice & International Relations
Constitutional Framework of Indian Polity, Indian Constitution, Fundamental Rights & Duties, Federal Structure, Parliamentary System in India, Judiciary, Constitutional Amendments, Indian Polity, Union Parliament & State Legislatures, Electoral System in India, Political Parties & Pressure Groups, Public Accountability, Citizens & Administration, Print & Electronic Media, Administrative System in India: its Evolution & Growth, Civil Services in India, Administrative Adjudication, Lok Adalat & Legal Awareness Campaign, Administrative Reforms in India, Panchayati Raj, Public Management in India, E-governance, Right to Information, Right to Services, Budgetary Reforms, Integrity in Administration, Mechanism for Prevention of Corruption & Malpractices in India, Human Resource & Community Development, Education, Employment & Development, Health & Nutrition, Health Care Systems in India and Uttarakhand, World Health Organization(WHO), Food Security Act, Social Welfare & Social Legislation, International Relations, International & Regional Organizations Uttarakhand: Political, Social, and Administrative Context, Current Events of State level, National, and International Importance

Indian & World Geography

The majority of the questions in this section of the UKPSC mains exam include India, Uttarakhand, and world geography. There are 200 marks overall on the paper’s questions. A solid knowledge of geography, climatic factors, agriculture, agricultural advancements, the environment, etc., is required of the candidate.


Indian & World Geography
World Geography, Atmosphere, Lithosphere, Hydrosphere, Geographical Phenomena, Distribution of National Resources Agriculture: Types and Location, Agro-Climatic Regions, Agricultural Revolutions, Industries, Population Growth & Distribution, main Tribes, Tribal Society, their Trends of Transformation Transportation, Environment, World Trade, Geography of India, Environmental Degradation & Conservation, Geography of Uttarakhand.

Economic & Social Development

Questions on economics, finance, income inequality, industrial growth, poverty, and economic and social development are the focus of this section of the UKPSC mains test. Each question is worth 200 marks overall.


Economic & Social Development
Economic & Social Development, Indian Economy: Before & After Independence Impact of Globalization on Indian Society: Poverty & Development, Schemes of Rural & Social Development, Community Power Structure & relevant Programmes, Sustainable Development & Inclusive Growth National Income: Measurement & composition, Regional Imbalances & Income Inequalities in India, Indian Agriculture & Industry, their Role & Problems, Public Distribution System, Industrial Growth & Structure, Role of Foreign Capital & MNCs in India New Economic Policy(NEP): Its Impact on Agriculture, Industry, and Foreign Trade, Planning & Foreign Trade, Public Finance and Monetary System, Economy of Uttarakhand,

General Science & Technology

Questions on fundamental science, contemporary scientific advancements, immunizations, immunology, engineering principles, and disaster management are covered in the sixth paper of the UKPSC mains test. There are 200 total marks on the entire paper.


General Science & Technology
Physical & Chemical Science, Motion, Electric Current, its Chemical, Thermal, and Magnetic Effects, Radioactivity, Energy, Atomic Structure, Life Science Biomolecules, Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering & their Applications, Microbial Infections, Elementary Knowledge of Vaccines, Immunology Computer, Information & Communication Technology, Cyber Security Environmental Problems and Disaster Management.

General Aptitude & Ethics

The topics covered in the seventh paper of the UKPSC mains exam are math skills, fundamental aptitude, integrity, logical thinking, ethical reasoning, foundation, and values. There are 200 total marks on the entire paper.


General Aptitude & Ethics
General Aptitude: Numbers & their Classification, Ratio & its Properties, Rate of Interest, Simple Interest & Compound Interest, Problems on Basic Concepts of Work & Time, Simple Linear Simultaneous Equations, Sets, Cartesian Systems, Elementary Knowledge of Triangle, Rectangle, Square, Rhombus, and Circle, their Theorems & Related Properties, Sequences & Series, Classification of Data, Mean, Probability.
Ethics: Emotional /Psychological /Humanistic Intelligence concepts, their utilities & applications, Ethics & Human Interface, Integrity, Attitude, Contributions of Moral Thinkers & Philosophers, Need of Public /Civil Service, their foundation, values, and ethics, Probity in Governance, Right to Information, Codes of Ethics, Codes of Conduct, Work Culture, Utilization of Public Funds, Challenges of Corruption, Disaster & Disaster Management, their associated Case Studies.

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